One year of JFriends!


At out April 2016 J-TED night

Robert Rinder, a criminal barrister, star of ITV’s premier show ‘Judge Rinder’.


Judge Robert Rinder, a criminal barrister, who stars on ITV’s premier show ‘Judge Rinder’ - a reality TV court show (similar to Judge Judy in the US).  For anyone who has not seen his show, Rob is an amazing TV personality and brings his wit and judgement to decide on a variety of legal cases including disputes over consumer issues and business, personal, neighbourhood disputes! The show is very entertaining and informative. Rob will speak to us about his career, Jewish identity and how he deals with being a recognisable face in the UK!

TED talk style with the actress Michal Banai

At our Feb 2016 J-TED night

Improvisational theatre is a form of theatre where most or all of what is performed is created at the moment it is performed. In its purest form, the dialogue, action, story, and characters are created collaboratively by the players on the spot without use of an already prepared, written script.


When it's good, it seems like magic. As an actress performing mainly in Improvised comedy I have been dealing on a daily basis for the past decay with the question of why it is so hard for us to “improvise” on our day to day life? Why is it so hard for us to just say what’s on our mind, why do we get “stuck” when we’re put on the spot and why can’t we just be ourselves without judging everything we want to say before it comes out of our mouth?


In her talk Michal will present a few improvisation rules, that if you stick to in real life you might find communication and creativity come much easier than usual.

Jeremy Langford at the Jfriends J-TED talk night: on Art, spirituality and creativity

Jan 2016

An evening on Art, Spirit and life BEFORE death.
Jeremy Langford (Born London, England, 1956) is a British/Israeli glass sculptor and designer. He is the son of British/Israel television director and producer Barry Langford. Major works of his include monumental glass installations at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the ancient tomb of the Matriarch Rachel in Bethlehem, three massive sculptures for the Trump International Towers at Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, and the new Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jerusalem.

Ray O'Briend - life and death, and Life after death

Dec 2015

A fascination talk by Ray O'Brien in our J-TED talk, Dec 2016, about his own Near-Death-Experience, about the ability to diagnose cancer on NHS patients and about his work as a Death-Midwife, employed by the NHS.

Happy Chanukah 2016

From JFriends to JFriends

JFriends people, branches and members wishing you all a happy Chanukah and an exciting JFriends year ahead!

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