Judge Rinder talking about JFriends

You answered: What do you like most about JFriends?

Lots of people attend


Like: oooh, let me think!

lots of things, where do I start!

Great mix of people and friendly


Like: Very friendly people running it, clearly passionate

Enjoy: Good atmosphere

It is a go-to organisation. There is no other putting on Shabbat dinners of this size, regularly , for Singles.

Lots of people, relaxed atmosphere, lots of happy Isaelis, lots of Sephardis, and people from all over the world, lots of good wine and food . Sociable, chatty, always lots happening.

Like that it brings together Jews from different backgrounds (religious/cultural/national)


i really respect that you decided that the events you were looking for didn't exist and instead of moaning, you decided to organise them yourself.


Informal and welcoming.


I like that it's not associated with an organisation.

I like that it's for all different types of people so anyone can feel comfortable and people aren't pressured.

I love being able to meet old and new faces!


Reasonably priced events



Number of people Diversity of people Atmosphere Food Three course meal Scheduling - in general- great events

Love the atmosphere and meeting people


It's really relaxed and friendly


Roy and Nir make me laugh so much!!!!!!!!! And Racheli is just beautiful inside and out!!!!


I like the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that you can meet all sorts of different people across the spectrum.

The food was amazing and the crowd was entertaining.

That is is unafilliated and everyone is on the same page

They are relaxed and I know I can go and feel comfortable, be welcomed and meet new people, whilst enjoying a tradittional Friday night dinner

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Despite the fact that the days are still hot, the nights are getting colder. Suddenly we realise that we need to pull out an extra blanket to keep us warm and we recollect all the amazing things that happened this summer. We are adding the Tel Aviv Sukkot beach party organised by JFriends to our most fond memories.

We still haven’t gotten over the fact that the party, which was initially designed as a low-key meet-up, ended up to be a full-success beach party with many people, who wanted to network and have fun; they did exactly that! We were pleasantly surprised to hear many different languages being spoken, games being played, telephone numbers being exchanged, businesses being planned and future plans being made.

We did the rough count and considering how many people circulated between the Gordon beach and La Mer, left to bring more friends and simply called them to come, we were altogether over 200 hundred people, which, considering the initial low-key plan, was amazing. Many people caught up with their friends and made new ones; this is simply what JFriends is all about – friends for friends.

As the night continued and we relocated to La Mer, enjoyed drinks, nargilot and music, we didn’t want to leave. Now looking back at the event we wish we haven’t left and allowed it to continue.

- Ester



A huge thank you for organising a fun and friendly Friday night and Shabbat lunch.  It was my first JFriends event and I look forward to more.  You have created an amazing group with JFriends,

it was the friendliest Jewish social event I’ve been to for a long time!




Hey, thanks for Friday night. Was very nice!

Your events are definitely working - two of my friends met someone there and dating for two months, so well done for the Mitzvah :-)



It just means a lot to be involved. I have made so many new friends and met so many people, including yourself- you have changed my life. I love telling you about a possible idea and then seeing the process of it coming together and letting other people enjoy all our hours of brainstorming. 




I attended in Jfriend friday night dinner last month.
For me it was a great opportunity to meet many new people in a light and pleasant atmosphere.
I think, it an important Initiative and indeed every time more and more people are coming.
Well done on the initiative, the organization and the implementation!
I hope to join you again next time..





Thank you for another amazing evening :-)

I'm bowled over by how impressive your events are, and the positive impact that they are no doubt having on the community.



Thank you so much Rachel Langford and Roy Perets for organising Friday night dinner!!! Had so much fun, mingling with friends, with a warm ambiance!

Looking forward to your next one!

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The JFriends dinners offer an INDEPENDENT Shabbat experience to young Jewish Professionals in London.


I have met many new friends and associates, aged 20s-40s at the dinners. It is a testament to its success, that JFriends has been able to attract such a wide-spectrum of Jewish individuals. It is further unique that JFriends has been able to do so as an independent entity.


JFriends has even inspired me to host my own Shabbos meals. I am currently hosting up to 50 guests for Shabbos meals, services and gatherings at my apartment, every 6 weeks.


I wish Racheli and JFriends every success with your ongoing projects and look forward to future dinners and activities!


Best regards,

- Harrison



See you next time you are doing a Friday night. I think what you are doing is amazing!



Many thanks for all the hard work you put into the dinner last night. It was great!



This dinner was great! You guys are improving each and every time!



We thank you!! What stars you all are!!



It was a blast!!! Thank you for everything!



Thank you for making this happen. It was amazing. London Jewish scene needs more of these kind of events :-)



Thank you Rachel for a lovely evening on Friday. I appreciate you putting on these events. It is sometimes hard to find somewhere to go being single and in your thirties :-) I hope Friday was a great success for you and your team xxx

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