About JFriends

JFriends Charity #1166004

JFriends is a voluntary group run by young people for young people in order to create a friendly Jewish atmosphere around high-end talks (TED style) and events, to enable people to make connections,  socialise and volunteer for other charities and communities in need.


Who is JFriends for?

  • If you’re young, Jewish and looking to meet and have fun with other young Jewish people – come to JFriends. Simple!!

  • If you’re new to the London Jewish community and want to make some new friends – come to JFriends!

  • If you’re looking for a place to have a fun and chilled Shabbat meals, you know what to do… ;-)

  • If you’ve made Aliyah or are  traveling to Israel and want to hang out with some other cool people, you’ll find us in JFriends Israel.

Why are we different?

  • No affiliation. No agenda. Our independence means we cut down on political and religious barriers.  

  • An open approach that allows people from various backgrounds and denominations to come together to enjoy each other’s company

  • We host regular monthly social events for young Jewish people so they can keep in touch and create long lasting relationships, romantic or otherwise.

  • We bring young Jewish people from all over the world, so our events have a truly diverse feel to them. 

  • JFriends gives the opportunity for different communities to meet in a setting in which they may never have done before.

  • Volunteering events based on the young professionals group’s wishes: for Jewish and Non-Jewish communities in need. 


What have we achieved so far?

  • 18 Friday night dinners, 5 Shabbat lunches serving more than 3,500 in total in attendance. 

  •  8 volunteering events for other charities

  •  9 inspiring educational evenings. TED talk style... but JFriends style.

  •  People establishing friendships, socialising outside of JFriendsand becoming more active in their community.

  •  7 marriages!! and 2 long term successful relationships of couples who met at JFriends.